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God Gives Grace Chords and Lyrics

Friday, September 26, 2014

God Gives Grace 


A                                                     F#m
Sometimes problems seem so big they hide the light of day 
           D                                                                                                        E-D
sometimes pain cuts so deep that I can’t find the words to pray 
A                                                                                 D
Sometimes heartache seems to be much more than I can stand 
                                                                                       E   -Abm
That’s when grace seems to take me by the hand

                A-E                          D/F#m                     D
He gives grace in the midst of every storm 
                     A         E/Dbm                     D                  A/f#m
God gives grace that carries the weary and worn 
He’s everything we ever need for everything we face 
                                                                          E                                    A
So remember when it seem you can’t go on God gives grace

I know every pain I feel becomes HIS very own 
        D                                                                          A                               E
God know the weakness of my heart that I can’t make it all alone 
       A                                                                       D
For HE knows what I can handle and HE never gives me more 
                F#m                D                                                Dbm-E-Dbm
When my strength comes to an end, HE has more grace in store

F#m                                                         D
Grace will help you stand when problems seem so tall 
                                Db-A              D                           E           Dbm
And grace will pick you up every time you fall

D                                                                              E                              A
Just remember when it seem you can’t go on God gives grace

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