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Prophecy: hidden symbols in corporate logos of 666 Part II

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Cern Corporation with three 6's

The Walt Disney corporate logo conceals three ingeniously hidden "6s"–referring to the devil number 666”. The backward 6 in the D. A six in the dotted I. The six in the Y. 

 "Your National Lottery is a hidden 666. Can you find it?"
"I mean it's like with that 911 lottery thing happening in the US one the day a year after 911, the satanists control all the lotteries. Just as with the drugs, banks, food companies etc". The two eyes and the e in lottery could be flipped over into a 6.

 "The Lotto Hessen (I think it's German) has both a 666 on one of the balls and a triple 49.."
"And you know how the Satanists count. 4+9 = 13"
"13 the number for rebellion against God Almighty Jesus Christ"

Nokia is the world's largest cell-phone manufacturer. Nokia's ex-worker contacted me and said, that it's logo has hidden 666. Each arrow consists of six lines and the logo has three arrows. Further, Nokia's President Jorma Ollila belongs to Bilderberg Group. People should know this.

 See the 6 in the big o and the the two in the word

Corporate Logos With The Eye Of Horus In Them

Ford Motor Company2003. TimeWarner logo depicting an eye and ear.CBS Television
2004. National Portrait Gallary, London.2004. Search Database11968. National Film Board of Canada18
2001. Viewpoint Corporation, New York.1995. Science Masters Series, BasicBooks, A Division of HarperCollinsPublisher1985. Special Expeditions, New York.3
2000. Criterion Film Distributor1975. Vancouver Art Gallery.112001. Constable & Robinson Ltd., London.14
2000[?]. British music group, Gong1994. Viz, LLC 19
2000 c. Pinkerton’s National Detective AgencyPinkerton Security

Coporate Logos With A Pentagram In Them
GM's on star9 stripes 4 stars triangles in the threadsTexacoAll Star Cafe
School SignBoy Scout LogoAmerican Boy Scout Badge
Freemason LogoPentagonSkull & Bones Logo
masonspent owl1bones

Fig. 1: American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, Chermayeff & Geismer, Inc.. p. 162
Fig. 2: Precision Datacom, Gardner Design. p. 162.Fig. 3: Tejas Grill, John Evans Design. p. 9.Fig. 4: 1925, Texas Portland Cement Co., Dallas. Texas p. 62.
am pentdatatejastexas1
Fig. 5: 1949, Capitol Records, Inc.,, Los Angeles, California p. 94Fig. 6: 1925. Colonial Steel Co., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania p. 70Fig. 7: 1936. Fiera di Tripoli, advertising stamp for fair. p. 9Fig. 8: 1938, J. E. Harton Co., San Francisco. p. 6
Fig. 9: 1947. Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, Burbank California. p. 108.Fig. 10: 1953. Mirna, Poduzeee Za Preradbu Ribe, Rijeka, Yugoslavia. p. 118Fig. 11: 1944. Morandi Rice label. p. 87Fig. 12: 1936. Royal Revues, Inc. Holly
Fig. 13: 1924. Stella d'Italia, Cheese label. p. 87Fig. 14: International Workers of the WorldFig. 15: 2003. Career College, VancouverFig. 16: 2001. All Star Cafe.
Fig. 17: 1988-2006. Prodigy CommunicationsFig. 18: 1887. University of California, seal detailFig. 20: 2006. HexeEdit software logo.Fig. 19: 2009 KTOO Radio, Juneau, Alaska
Corporate Logos With A Pyramid
2005. Illuminati OnlineAmerica OnlineVictoria, BC city logo detail.
1930 c. The British Lubricating Research Organization Limited, London.41925. New Geist.2002. Information Awareness Office, USA10
GrammyGoat of Mendes


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